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Licerion® Lithium Metal Cells Pass UN 38.3 Certification

Tucson, AZ — November 21, 2019

Sion Power®, the technology leader in high-energy, lithium-metal rechargeable batteries, announces the UN DOT 38.3 certification of their Licerion 6 Ah cell. MGA Research Corporation, located in Akron, New York, participated in the majority of testing used in the certification process.

Under Article UN 38.3, cells are subjected to numerous safety and abuse tests to ensure they are safe to transport. To ship lithium metal and lithium-ion rechargeable cells globally, Sion Power’s Licerion cells must meet safety requirements outlined under UN 38.3, which include altitude simulation, thermal cycling, vibration, mechanical shock, external short circuit, crush, and forced discharge tests. In addition to the tests required by UN 38.3, characterization tests were performed on the Licerion 6 Ah cells, including nail penetration, overcharge, and thermal ramp tests.

“Sion Power continues to define what is possible with lithium metal batteries, especially when it comes to safety,” said Tracy Kelley, CEO of Sion Power. “We are already moving on to certify the Licerion 20 Ah cell, which will continue the safety validation of Sion Power’s lithium metal technology.” Licerion is a product line of patented rechargeable lithium metal battery cells with a capacity of up to 20 Ah per battery cell. The Licerion cell tested was a 6 Ah format with 433 Wh/kg and 765 Wh/L.

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