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Sion Power’s mission is simple – to produce a state-of-the-art energy storage system that addresses the future needs of the electric vehicle and aerospace markets, today.


Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Licerion Electric Vehicle (EV) lithium metal rechargeable battery cells have been specifically designed to meet or exceed automotive battery requirements.

  • 780 Wh/L and 400 Wh/kg (actual) in a 17 Ah cell enables longer operation

  • Easily integrates into standard Li-ion manufacturing lines

  • Proprietary protected lithium-metal anode (PLA) with three levels of protection for increased safety

Lithium metal batteries for EV applications



Licerion High Energy (HE) lithium metal rechargeable battery cells offer advantages for aerospace applications such as HAPS, eVTOL, rocket launch and control systems, batteries made using Licerion technology are high-energy and lightweight. Also available are proprietary battery packs using Licerion-HE cells which are designed to optimize the performance of the cells.

For aerospace applications, every gram counts, with Licerion energy isn’t compromised for weight reductions.

Lithium metal batteries for aerospace applications

Battery Packs

Battery Packs

Battery packs made using Licerion-HE lithium metal battery cells are designed with un-crewed applications in mind. A robust package, the pack includes a propriety compression system and battery management system, each designed to optimize cell performance and safety. Standard features include:

  • Over-charge and over-discharge protection

  • Over-temperature protection

  • Over-current protection

  • Fuses and safety cut-off switches

Custom battery packs and containment enclosures are available.


High energy battery systems

Sion Power is the leading developer of high-energy lithium-metal rechargeable battery technology, with proven dendrite-resistant technology.

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Licerion lithium metal batteries


Licerion® technology is the future of batteries

  1. High performance – big energy, small package
  2. Patented technology – proprietary lithium metal anode and electrolyte coupled with a high-energy cathode
  3. Safety – Internal and third-party validation of UN DOT 38.3
  4. Application diversity – electric vehicles, aerospace, and more

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Market Overview


With over 400 Wh/kg, Licerion technology exceeds most manufacturers’ expectations without compromising safety or battery weight.

Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Whether the system is by land, sea, or air Sion Power is providing rechargeable energy to go further.

Electric Vehicles

Technology demonstration of key electric vehicle battery performance requirements in a lithium-metal rechargeable battery cell

Custom Solutions

Sion Power has the engineering expertise to create custom, application-specific cells, and robust battery pack designs. Licensing opportunities available.


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