Licerion® Products

With over two decades of research and development, Sion Power has created technology that significantly enhances the energy and cycle life of rechargeable lithium-metal batteries.


High Energy, Licerion-HE

Big energy, small package

Big energy, small package

Batteries made using Licerion® High Energy (HE) rechargeable technology offer applications key performance advantages over other technologies. Designed specifically for aerospace and other un-crewed applications, Licerion -HE is lighter and smaller than a lithium-ion cell yet with increased energy storage. Licerion technology can enable longer missions and increased payloads. Contact us for more information on Licerion-HE.

Electric Vehicles, Licerion-EV

The cell for electric vehicles

The cell for electric vehicles

Licerion Electric Vehicle (EV) is the solution for next-generation electric vehicles, meeting or exceeding automotive requirements for batteries. Key attributes include fast charge capability, long cycle life, and broad temperature range capability in a 400 Wh/kg 780 Wh/L, 17.4 Ah pouch cell. Contact Sion Power to discuss your specific automotive battery requirements today.

Proprietary Technology

Proprietary anode and electrolyte coupled with a high-energy cathode

Proprietary anode and electrolyte coupled with a high-energy cathode

Produced in-house, Sion Power has developed a patented Protected Lithium Anode (PLA), a key component that enables Licerion® batteries to store energy at levels unachievable by other battery technologies. Incorporating thin, chemically stable ceramic barriers, the Licerion PLA reduces parasitic reactions, minimizing weight while maximizing energy, cycle life, and safety. Additives in Sion Power’s proprietary electrolyte system further improve safety and extend cycle life. The result is a battery that offers the highest combination of energy density, specific energy, and cycle life available.

Sion Lab

Application Diversity

Electric mobility, energy storage systems, and more

Electric mobility, energy storage systems, and more

Suited for many types of applications, including aerospace, discover why Licerion® is right for you. Sion Power is developing standard battery packs, using the Licerion-HE cell, to include:

  • 977 Wh, 12 V battery pack

  • 977 Wh, 24 V battery pack

  • 1.95 kWh, 24 V battery pack, and others

Custom battery packs are also available.

Lithium metal batteries for aerospace applications


Internal and third-party testing validation

Internal and third-party testing validation

Sion Power has performed safety tests on cells and batteries which include nail penetration, external short circuit, overcharge, and heat application tests. Additional tests are performed based on customer requests.

Licerion® cells are tested to meet or exceed requirements for IEC 62133 2nd Edition, UL 2054 2nd Edition, and UN/DOT 38.3 5th Edition, Amendment 1. Contact Sion Power for specific cell and pack testing levels and certifications.

Licerion Outline


Proprietary ultra-thin lithium metal anode
Nickel-rich cathode


166 g for 17.4 Ahr Licerion-EV cell

Typical Charge Current


Maximum Continuous Discharge


Nominal Voltage

3.83 V

Pulse Discharge Rate (60s)

Up to 100 A (5C Rate)

Sion Power is producing Licerion-EV and Licerion-HE cells. The above specifications are referencing the Licerion-EV cell and are subject to change without notice. Request a specification sheet using the contact form on page bottom.


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