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Sion Power Demonstrates More Than 2500 Cycles in Licerion® Rechargeable Battery Technology

Tucson, AZ — March 9, 2022

Sion Power Corporation (Sion Power), a leader in next-generation rechargeable batteries, has reached a development milestone with its Licerion® Electric Vehicle (EV) technology demonstrating more than 2500 cycles to 70% of initial capacity. The results were achieved by a multilayer R&D pouch cell, charged in 180 minutes (C/3 rate), and completely discharged (100% depth of discharge) in 45 minutes (4C/3 rate).

“Finding a practical balance between specific energy, energy density, and cycle life is a large part of battery development,” says Tracy Kelley, CEO of Sion Power. Mr. Kelley goes on to say, “This excellent R&D achievement demonstrates the headroom of our technology when it comes to developing products for commercial trucking and automotive applications.”

Licerion is a versatile hybrid lithium-metal cell technology that utilizes several levels of lithium protection and can be paired with common cathode materials, including LFP and NMC. The current version of Sion Power’s 6 Ah large-format Licerion EV cell has exceeded 800 cycles as validated by an independent test laboratory under the identical conditions of C/3, 4C/3. The same 6 Ah cell can also be fast-charged to 80% capacity in less than 15 minutes. The Licerion-EV, 17 Ah cell, has been independently verified with an actual (not projected) specific energy of 400 Wh/kg and energy density of 780 Wh/L.

About Sion Power

Sion Power advances the rechargeable battery industry with its Licerion® technology. Licerion® is an advanced approach to lithium-metal batteries containing twice the energy in the same size and weight battery, compared to a traditional lithium-ion battery. At up to 500 Wh/kg, Licerion batteries are produced at scale in large-format cells. As a result, Licerion® batteries have the potential to significantly enhance the performance of commercial and consumer electric vehicles. Visit Sion Power on the web at