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Sion Power – Building the Future of Batteries

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Mass Reduction in Space Launch Applications

Current rocket designs use one of two main engine fuel-pump systems; fuel-fed turbine-powered pumps or battery-powered. The electric fuel pump engines have historically used lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries with nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) cathodes for their high discharge rates and good specific energy (175 – 260 Wh/kg).In rocket applications, mass reduction is critical to decrease cost, improve performance, and maximize available payload mass. With the increased demand for satellites, there is motivation to improve battery chemistry for rocket launch applications. In collaboration with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Sion Power describes how battery packs using Licerion cells can increase the mass efficiency of battery-powered pump-fed rocket engines. Request download here>>>

Modular Power Pack with Licerion® Technology

Sion Power’s modular battery is designed to provide a high level of power in a small, lightweight package using proprietary Licerion lithium metal anode technology. Request download here>>>

Information Brief: Transition from Lithium-Sulfur to Lithium-Metal

Known as a pioneer in lithium-sulfur (Li-S) technology, Sion Power ended development efforts turning its focus entirely on Licerion lithium-metal anode technology. Find out more here>>>

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