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Sion Power Focuses on Cell-Level Safety in its Licerion Rechargeable Batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV)

Tucson, AZ — May 3, 2022

Sion Power Corporation (Sion Power), a leader in next-generation rechargeable battery technology, announced today that it joined the Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG). The Innovation Group is a global network of members involved in developing and manufacturing battery cells and focused on developing improved battery safety.

“Sion Power is pleased to work with the Innovation Group in advancing rechargeable battery cell safety,” says Michael Canada, the Chief Manufacturing Officer of Sion Power. Mr. Canada states, “We are looking forward to participating with other group members in the industry-wide goal of continuous safety improvements for electric vehicles.”

Sion Power is the maker of Licerion® lithium-metal rechargeable battery cells designed for the electric vehicle market. The current Licerion Electric Vehicle (EV) cells use a high-energy-density, engineered lithium-metal anode, achieving 400 Wh/kg and 780 Wh/L in a 17 Ah cell capacity. Licerion incorporates three levels of protection, and additional cell safety is expected by implementing new technologies developed by Soteria.